Oil & Energy Sector

Thuraya IP+, providing M2M internet connectivity for energy sector. Thuraya XT-PRO, rugged satellite phone.

Thuraya IP+

Energy Sector


Media Sector

Thuraya IP+ is used for live broadcasting by media companies. Streaming IP lets you broadcast on up to 384K dedicated bandwidth and Standard IP gives up to 444K.

Thuraya IP+

Media Sector


Satellite Services for Maritime

Thuraya Orion IP is a maritime specific satellite internet broadband terminal providing up to 444K downlink.

Thuraya Orion IP

Maritime Sector


Healthcare & Relief

Providing Thuraya satellite services to humanitarian organizations to stay connected.

Thuraya XT-PRO

Humanitarian Sector



High-performance, dual Ka-/Ku-band cost-effective broadband satellite service for home and business users.

YahClick HN9260

YahClick HN9460


Garmin GPS

The most popular handheld GPS devices made even better.

YahClick HN9260

YahClick HN9460



The toughest vehicular satellite broadband terminal for any terrain

Providing Connectivity Around The Globe, Round The Clock

Cygnus Telecom is a leading provider of customized telecommunications and surveillance solutions for business needs. Headquartered in Dubai, the firm has almost a decade of experience in offering solutions specifically tailored to client requirements. The company’s strength lies in its ability to deliver turnkey solutions to clients at competitive cost, backed by excellent customer service. Cygnus Telecom has the capacity to manage all elements of solution delivery- from planning and installation to maintenance and troubleshooting. Cygnus Telecom is tier-one International Service Partner of Thuraya Telecommunications Company.


Active Thuraya Subscribers with Cygnus Telecom

We Provide Satellite Telecom Services In Different Sectors

Cygnus Telecom offers Thuraya products and technology to clients in a diversity of sector including media, oil and gas, maritime, civil society, government, and defense. Cygnus Telecom has been the preferred supplier to UN agencies, corporate concerns, NGOs and SMEs, etc., due to its round the clock customer support and dedicated, experienced staff.

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Thuraya WE

Connecting Everyone Everywhere

Staying connected is a priority. It’s at the heart of your social identity and self-expression. It’s how you reach out to your family and closest friends, to share with them your experiences and news. We at Thuraya understand this fundamental need, and that’s why we have been evolving and advancing our data products throughout the years to meet this ever-growing global demand for wireless data connectivity. Thuraya WE was developed to converge satellite with terrestrial communications. It is the world’s first dual mode Satellite & LTE hotspot that keeps you in contact with your family and friends all the time, no matter where you are.

Thuraya WE allows you to automatically switch between Satellite and GSM networks with a click of a button using the Thuraya WE mobile app and web interface. With Thuraya WE, you can transform any area into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and allow up to 10 smart devices to connect and share internet within a range of 30m or more.

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