Increase Thuraya Satellite Internet GmPRS Speed

Since the launch of the Thuraya SatSleeve, demand for data usage on Thuraya handsets has been constantly increasing. While data speeds via satellite have limitations, the Thuraya GmPRS continues to offer the fastest data speeds available on satellite handsets.

Thuraya GmPRS Double Internet Speed - Compression APNs

To further enhance the user experience while browsing in GmPRS satellite data mode, we are launching a compression service that will improve satellite data usage on Thuraya handsets. The new service will allow customers to select the compression settings that are convenient for them, either with high compression rates, low or no compression.

How does it work?

  • On the SatSleeve (Android and iPhone data model), XT (and XT-DUAL) go to the GmPRS settings and enter the APN (access point).
  • There are now 3 GmPRS APNs available, enter the one that meets your requirements:
    • ‘GET’ (standard, no compression).
    • ‘GETLC’ (low compression, images will be compressed).
    • ‘GETHC’ (high compression, images will not be downloaded).
  • The new APNs are designed to compress all http traffic that is routed through them.

Note: Any emails and apps that do not use http will be delivered uncompressed.

The new compression APNs reduce website loading times by compressing or removing images resulting in loading speeds of up to 2 times faster (the actual speed increase depends on factors such as browser used, number of images on a website, etc.).

Technical activation:

  • All newly provisioned SIM cards will have all the 3 APNs automatically activated in their profile.
  • For existing customers, the Service Partner has to deactivate and reactivate the GmPRS service on each subscription in order to activate the new APNs.

There is no additional charge for activation of the new APNs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cygnus Telecom


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