New Thuraya XT-PRO Satellite Phone is The Most Advanced One

Thuraya today introduced the new and most advanced satellite phone called Thuraya XT-PRO. Thuraya XT-PRO belongs to the same XT-Family and is a successor to Thuraya XT. This new satellite phone is replacing Thuraya XT in a better way. According to Thuraya, XT-PRO is made for hard environments and is equipped with the Gorilla Glass 2.4″ large screen. For the better connectivity this phone has built-in GPS, Beidou and Glonass capabilities for highest flexibility everywhere. One of the most attractive thing on this phone is the longest battery time which no satellite phone offers to-date. On the standby the phone lasts for approximately 100 hours and has 9 hours long talk time.

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Thuraya SatSleeve iPhone 5 Adaptor

Thuraya SatSleeve iPhone 5 Adaptor

Thuraya SatSleeve (voice) can be used for iPhone 4 / 4S by default. In order to use your iPhone 5 with Thuraya SatSleeve (voice) you have to get an adapter as an accessory. Thuraya SatSleeve is of two parts, patient on the front is an adaptor which holds the iPhone and the back part is the actual SatSleeve. So by simply removing the iPhone 4/4S adaptor and putting the new iPhone 5 adaptor, order the same Thuraya SatSleeve can be used with iPhone 5. Contact us today to get your iPhone 5 adaptor.