Thuraya IP Voyager – Use Satellite Internet On-The-Move

Thuraya Telecommunication Company, U.A.E, is bringing out new innovation in the satellite communication industry. Thuraya few weeks ago introduced the new Thuraya Orion IP which is a maritime-specific satellite data terminal. The new terminal introduced by Thuraya is the on-the-move vehicular data terminal called Thuraya IP Voyager. This new product is one of the most simplest vehicular satellite data terminals. There are no complexities involved now with the installation process. Only one cable to the antenna and one to the power and you start using your broadband satellite Internet service.

Thuraya IP VoyagerThis product can be used in different sectors like emergency and relief where the ambulances, and other vehicles need to transmit emergency data to their main camps or hospitals. Defense sector is also one of the most important ones and cannot be ignored where a lot of defense vehicles require communication over the IP rather than the regular radio devices. For leisure this Thuraya IP Voyager terminal can provide you the Internet connectivity to keep your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media and social sharing apps working on your smartphones and laptops. Share your amazing experiences while on hunting or expeditions.

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