Thuraya XT Dual: End of Life

Dear Customers & Distributors, capsule

This is to announce the discontinuation of the Thuraya XT-DUAL. Launched two years ago, sildenafil the XT-DUAL has been a highly successful product. However, case the launch of the Thuraya SatSleeve which brings together the satellite and GSM worlds, now addresses the market requirement of a dual mode device in a better form.

With the streamlined portfolio, Thuraya will continue to focus on the Thuraya XT and different SatSleeve models in order to advance the convergence between satellite communications and terrestrial handsets.

Please be informed that we will continue to provide warranty repairs for XT-DUAL handsets until June 30, 2015. Support after June 30, 2015 is subject to the availability of replacement parts and cannot be guaranteed beyond the above mentioned date.

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