Procurement Coordinator

The candidate should have strong technical aptitude and a positive attitude which will lead our technical procurement function.

Job Description :

  • Reports and evaluate all issues and assist to prepare all data reports for all purchasing system and manage all buying trends.
  • Coordinate with supervisor and provide support to all product research programs and assist to obtain all required approvals and maintain all spreadsheets and evaluate all corrections for same and establish all best purchase activities.
  • Evaluate all purchase orders and ensure accuracy in all SKU and product plan and maintain track of all receipts from various locations and maintain an efficient packaging guide according to vendor regulations.
  • Collaborate with shipping department to ensure compliance to all shipping dates and deadlines and maintain satisfaction of all consumers and monitor delivery of all products according to schedule and maintain quality standards of all products.
  • Coordinate with vendor to maintain knowledge on all product and delivery schedule and oversee all personnel training programs and evaluate same and manage work with sales and purchasing departments.
  • Collaborate with internal and external customers and manage all pricing and availability of all products and develop purchase order for all purchasing system and manage all communication with general contractors and coordinate with sourcing analyst to source all materials.
  • Monitor all inventory level and determine appropriate delivery dates of all products and forecast all order requirements and maintain records of all activities and resolve all delivery issues and prepare all products for shipments.
  • Monitor all supplier performance and ensure timely delivery of all products and maintain accuracy in all vendor data in inventory control module and perform various purchasing activities and prepare all purchase orders and evaluate accuracy in same.
  • Manage all communication with all vendors and track all orders and resolve any issues on same and assist to obtain all raw materials and prepare required request orders and analyze all samples and ensure purchase of all raw materials within required timeframe.



Skills and Experience

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Professional certification in procurement and/or supply chain preferred.
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in a similar position at an IT/Technology Firm.
  • Knowledge of advance excel and MS office Mandatory.


Professional certification in procurement and/or supply chain preferred.

Job Details:


Full time

Job function:

Purchasing, supply chain



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