Cygnus Telecom works with clients to determine security requirements and business needs before recommending surveillance solutions that offer maximum value at competitive cost. Cygnus Telecom’s team of professionals has years of experience in analyzing and meeting security needs, and is known for its ability to deliver turnkey solutions that remain vigilant so the client doesn’t need to.

Cygnus is well known in the market for the quality of support and customer service it offers its business partners. From initial requirement analysis and design, to twenty-four hour support and maintenance contracts, Cygnus Telecom ensures security and peace of mind so businesses can perform at their optimum without distraction.

Satellite Telecom Services for Media Companies

Timing and reliability is critical in media, particularly when liaising with geographically dispersed correspondents. The world of news demands the rapid delivery of information, which means media concerns need high performance solutions capable of broadcasting from where the news is happening. They require the flexibility to broadcast securely from remote areas while optimizing bandwidth use. Cygnus Telecom’s satellite solutions ensure that news is broadcast as it happens, regardless of location. It offers an array of mobile live as well as store and forward solutions that allow correspondents to record, format and broadcast at speed without compromising quality. Cygnus Telecom customers can customize solutions to include the features they require to meet their broadcasting needs.

Satellite Telecom Services for Maritime Industry

Cygnus keeps its maritime clients linked and communicating wherever they might be. Long-range satellite solutions ensure that owners can track their fleets and remain in constant communication with their seafaring assets. Cygnus offers a range of solutions that suit all requirements and budgets, regardless of size and type of vessel. Seafarers have to combat a range of adverse conditions while exploring remote environments. Prior, their range of communication was restricted to radio frequency reach that was negatively affected by ambient conditions. With Cyngus Telecoms’ IP and satellite communications, vessels can stay in touch with each other and the mainland regardless of location and conditions. Cygnus also offers distress and emergency signals that can alert rescue teams in the case of incident. With Cygnus’ highly durable and completely reliable solutions, clients will never be alone at sea again.

Satellite Telecom Services for Energy Sector

The growing demand for energy resources means that onshore and offshore exploration and production operations are extending further into remote regions. In such locations, Thuraya mobile satellite communications provides voice and high-speed data links that ensure your people, systems, and facilities stay connected.

Wherever the search for resources takes your team, you can depend on Thuraya EnergyComms to significantly boost field effectiveness by enabling affordable voice calls, fax, SMS and Internet services, support SCADA monitoring equipment, security feeds, field-to-field coordination, location and geological reporting, as well as tracking of assets. Thuraya’s satellite network enables your employees to stay connected with their colleagues and families, and ensures your production keeps up with global demand.

Satellite Telecom Services for Humanitarian Organizations

Reliability and reach in hazardous conditions is crucial for the oil and gas industry, as companies branch out to explore inhospitable locations to satisfy energy needs. Cygnus Telecom offers solutions that link offshore stations reliably with headquarters, ensuring consistent and secure communication channels that remain stable even under adverse conditions. Corporate head offices can maintain critical communication with field operations at low costs and reduced overheads. With Cygnus’ telecommunication solutions, exploration teams can instantly transmit seismic, geographic and magnetic information for analysis and confirmation via secure VPN networks, eliminating delays and maximizing productivity. From critical update reports to real time information and data transmission, Cygnus Telecom’s secure solutions facilitate rapid communication that reduces cost and vastly improves response times, with clear profit and revenue benefits. At the same time, Cyngus’ telecommunication solutions allow rapid response to incidents, and can also be used to automatically remote monitor pumps, machinery and unmanned stations.

Satellite Telecom Services for Enterprise Businesses

When business operations extend beyond the reach of terrestrial communications, organizations count on satellite communications to maintain uninterrupted connectivity. From mining to logistics, construction to utilities, our offerings help you reach rural and remote environments, serve new and untapped markets, and facilitate information transfer and decision making. Thuraya solutions include satellite phones and broadband terminals that help you quickly set up a field office, track your fleets, or access the corporate network from wherever you are. With Thuraya EnterpriseComms, you are never cut off from email, phone calls, or the business applications that help you do your jobs. And with flexible plans and integration with popular industry standards, we are delivering the most reliable products and communications services at great value.

Satellite Telecom Services for Defense & Government Sector

Cygnus Telecoms offers a range of highly secure and reliable communication solutions that offer extreme reliability and maximum up-time to defense forces and contractors. Cygnus’ solutions adhere to stringent international security standards, and are ideal for the transmission of sensitive data and information. Be it on land, sea or in the air, Cygnus Telecom offers a wide array of solutions that can be selected to requirement. Cygnus’ technology offerings are rapidly deploy-able, and extremely robust to withstand the challenges of on-the-field operations. Information can be accessed anywhere in real time, ensuring that field teams are in constant touch with their headquarters and can access full scenario reports to facilitate successful mission completion. Cygnus offers the highest levels of encryption for sensitive data and information, ensuring that communication channels cannot be compromised. Cygnus Telecom’s defense solutions are known for maintaining integrity even in difficult conditions.

Satellite Telecom Services for Leisure

What gets your blood flowing? Sport fishing? Mountaineering? Exploring the jungles of Borneo? If you live off the beaten path, then you need the ultimate companion to keep you in touch with civilization.

Thuraya LeisureComms includes satellite phones and broadband terminals that ensure you’re never far away from the comforts of home. Make voice calls to your loved ones, send emails, SMS, and faxes, or browse the Internet at high-speeds. And do it all with water, dust, and shock resistant equipment that fits in your pocket or rucksack. Get a signal in seconds wherever you are, without worrying about complicated settings or racking up a huge voice or data bill.